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Black Masterbatches

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Black Masterbatches


Black Masterbatches are widely used in almost every industries and ArtechPlus has been developing custom-made Black Masterbatches for each and every customer. Here are several examples highly demanded from customers.


l  PC Carbon Black Masterbatches: PC Carrier and Applicable to Engineering Plastics

l  PET Carbon Black Masterbatches: PET, M-PET Carrier and Applicable to Synthetic Fiber and Engineering Plastics

l  PA6, PA6/6 Carbon Black Masterbatches: PA Carrier and Applicable to Engineering Plastics

l  Common Carbon Black Masterbatches: Wax and LDPE Carrier and Applicable to Commodity and Engineering Plastics

l  PC Black Dye Masterbatches: PC Carrier and Applicable to PC, PC/ABS, PC/PET, PC/GF Compound (Deeper blackness, high gloss transparency, light permeation features)

l  PET Black Dye Masterbatches: PET Carrier and usually Applicable to Film and Sheet (Maximize manufacturing cost reduction)  


Common Features of Carbon Black Masterbatches

High quality dispersion, deep blackness, optimized opacity, clean surface gloss, and lowest pinhole and bump effect on surface


Common Features of Black Dye Masterbatches

The maximum blackness, high surface gloss, adjusting light permeation and visible ray absorption


Common Benefits to use ArtechPlus Masterbatches


l  Keep consistency of goods from each Lot and Line

l  Cost-saving for manufacturing and free from strict color rotation

l  Cleanliness of manufacturing facilities

l  Improvement of health and safety of employees