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Additive Masterbatches

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Additive Masterbatches


It has been a key for success for ArtechPlus to maximize the customer’s benefits. Developing various Additive masterbatches enabled us to enhance the performance and lifespan of customer’s goods. 



Antiblock Additive 


Plastic layers tend to stick together. The addition of an antiblocking agent creates space between 2 plastic layers (surface roughness) preventing so-called blocking.

Antifogging Additives

Typical Polyolefins are very hydrophobic. Water on a film surface will cause the formation of droplets. The addition of (internal) anti-fogging additive makes the surface more polar.

Anti-Oxidant Additives 


Antioxidants are used to protect polymers from degradation, both during processing (=short term stabilization) and during use (=long term stabilization).

Antistatic Additives

Internal antistatic additives are incorporated in the polymer matrix. The controlled incompatibility causes migration to the surface. There it forms a polar layer that absorbs water from the atmosphere. This layer is able to conduct / dissipates the charges (higher conductivity/ lower resistance and shorter charge decay time).

Cling Agent

It is designed to produce stretch film from LLDPE, LDPE or other polyolefin for the applications of pallet wrap, silage wrap and food wrap. It can be used in both blown and cast film process.

Flame Retardant

ArtechPlus offers different solutions on flame-retardant additives based on halogens and halogen free.


The development of a matt effect on plastic surfaces can differentiate the appearance of packaging articles and therefore bring additional value to the Customers.

Nucleating Agent

The addition of nucleating agents to the semi-crystalline polymers provides a surface on which the crystal growth can start. As a consequence, fast crystal formation will result in many small crystal domains. Cycle times in injection molding are reduced. Mechanical properties like flexural modulus, strength, and heat distortion temperature and hardness will increase. The clarity and transmittance will improve. Nucleating agents used for optimizing the optical properties are called clarifying agents.

Processing Aid

The friction between the molten plastic and the metal die-wall reduces, resulting in a reduced stress on the plastic. This eliminates the melt fracture during the extrusion of (m) LLDPE rich blends at high shear rates (output rates). The head pressure reduces. The production can be optimized. The films have a higher gloss.


Slip additives are added to reduce the surface coefficient of friction of polymers and are used to enhance either processing or end applications. Typically slip additives have a low compatibility with the polymer which allow migration to the film surface. A good control of the compatibility controls the migration speed and thus the speed of acting performance can be engineered.

UV Stabilizer  


ArtechPlus offers a wide range of UV stabilizer masterbatches. These cover applications in agriculture, industrial and food packaging, polymers such as PE, PP, EVA, PLA and range from standard grades to highly performing stabilizer packages based on the latest generation of HALS stabilizers.

Antimicrobial Additives

Biocides or antimicrobial additives protect plastics from microorganisms like bacteria, algae, fungi and mould.